Thailand Smart City Hackathon 2020

In October 2020, Ministry of Digital Economy and Society (MDES), Digital Economy Promotion Agency (DEPA), and Smart City Office of Thailand have launched Thailand Smart City Week 2020, an annual event to promote Thai Smart Cities. However, due to COVID-19, all activities this year are on virtual platform e.g. Facebook, Zoom, Slack, and etc. The activities include talks, panel discussions, virtual exhibitions, and the Hackathon event.

Thailand Smart City Hackathon 2020 event is a 3-day virtual open competition to find the best Smart City solution ideas for at least 1 of 7 Smarts: Smart Environment, Smart Transportation, Smart Energy, Smart People, Smart Building, Smart Economy, and Smart Governance. The prize is 100,000 THB for the winner, 50,000 THB for the 1st runner-up, and 30,000 THB for the 2nd runner-up. Our team ‘Alto Tech’ is one of the 12 competitor teams

I Hear You Energy Challenge

Our idea starts from Thai cities’s pain points: energy usage inefficiency of buildings, no interaction between humans and buildings, and the underuse of IoT to create open city data platform. Thus, we propose the gamification of energy saving in private sector. On the designed platform, corporations and public enterprises can participate in the energy challenge. Building inhabitants can participate by giving feedback to the building through mobile application or IoT. The saved costs will be used to invest in city’s IoT sensors for open data, and provide incentives among participators.

Benefits of the solution

  • Thailand: energy saving of 253.8 million Kwh/month or 1,015 million Baht per month equivalent
  • Government: acquisition of open city data platform for decision making
  • Organization: more efficient energy usage, maximum 20% save of energy costs per building, full participation of employees
  • Environment: CO2 emission reduction of 126.9 MMTCDE or 5,767 trees equivalent
  • Society: accessibility to open city data platform

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