Bike Route Improvement Project with Monona, Wisconsin

A cooperated transportation improvement project between University of Wisconsin – Madison and City of Monona, WI. Between Spring 2016 – Fall 2016, the transportation team worked on, with help from City of Monona’s staffs:

Spring 2016 – Focusing on achieving LAB’s Silver Medal

  • Bicycle audit
  • Recommendation report suggesting City of Monona to have League of American Bicyclists’ Silver Medal, using Safe Route to School’s 5Es

Fall 2016 – Focusing on Safe Route to School

  • Current road condition audit
  • Crash data analyses
  • Walk/bike-to-school parent survey
  • Recommendation report suggesting sidewalks and bike paths around the schools’ areas

The project was presented to City of Monona’s Sustainability Committee, aimed to help convincing the residence to install bike route and related services.

My part is:

  • Audits
  • Recommendation Report – Encouragement section, suggesting possible events to promote biking to work/school
  • Bike route suggestion plan
  • Fly through video for bike route suggestion
  • All graphics in the presentation

Techniques used:

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Google Sketchup


Original condition of typical roads in Monona, 32′ wide with no sidewalk, bike path, and lane separator
Possible improvement for 32′ street
Possible improvement for 32′ street
Possible improvement for 32′ street
Possible improvement for 32′ street


Current condition of McKenna – Greenway
Possible improvement for McKenna – Greenway: changing 5-way intersection to be 4-way, adding sidewalks and bike paths, adding crosswalks and curb cuts with ramps for people with disabilities, adding necessary signs



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