Infographics for National Reformation Plan on Natural Resources and Environment (2018)

Infographics for National Reformation Plan of Thailand (2018) established by virtue of the Act on the Plans and National Reform BE 2560 (2017), aka the “National Reform Act”. The plan can be divided into 11 issues – (1) politics, (2) public administration, (3) law, (4) justice system, (5) education, (6) economics, (7) natural resources and the environment, (8) public health, (9) mass communication and information technology, (10) social reform and (11) others as assigned by the cabinet.

11 reform plans

The following infographics are designed for Issue 8, Natural Resources and the Environment, which can be further divided into 6 major topics – (1) land resources, (2) water resources, (3) marine resources, (4) biodiversity, (5) environment, and (6) environmental management system.

Natural resource and environmental reform plan. This image is used as the plan’s book cover.

Before National Reformation Plan of Thailand on Natural Resources and the Environment will be enacted on 2018, 6 regional public hearings (at Khon Kaen, Nakorn Sri Thammarat, Chonburi, Chumporn, Chiang Mai, and Bangkok) were held in 2017 to include public comments from 200 – 250 participants/public hearing into the plan. The participants are from water resource protection network, Community Organizations Development Institute, environmental protection community network, and etc.

Public hearing details

Land resource reform plan focuses on forestry, wildlife protection, land use and planning, and special mining district.

Reform plan – land resources

Marine resource reform plan focuses on One Marine Map which will organize sea boundaries and responsible organizations more effective.

Reform plan – marine resources

Environment reform plan focuses on waste management and reduction from the bottom.

Reform plan – environment

Environmental management system reform plan focuses on laws and regulations, and government structures to be more supportive to cross-organizational environmental management and private-public cooperation.

Reform plan – environmental management system

Biodiversity reform plan focuses on research, database building, and biodiversity piracy prevention.

Reform plan – biodiversity

Water resource reform plan focuses on best-management practices, and location-based action plans.

Reform plan – water resources

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