LEGO Project

A fun art project to create Thai map using Lego.


  1. Create a 20,000 m X 20,000 m grid layer (vector) to represent 1 module of a Lego brick.
  2. Left join the grid layer from Step 1 with Thailand’s DEM layer (Digital Elevation Model, can be downloaded from various sources).
  3. Break the elevation data into class ranges and define the colors. In this case, we break our data into 5 classes (by Natural Breaks) and use earth-tone color scheme.
  4. Reclassify elevation data into integers. This will make it easier to perform grid count.
  5. The total number of grids of each class represent one module of Lego brick.
  6. Do a research on the available Lego color and sizes. We do the research by hand at the Lego shop at Siam Paragon department store, Bangkok.
  7. Count number of Lego pieces needed to use by dividing number of grid count of each class with the size of Lego size.
  8. Time for art.


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