Trends in Thai Urban Planning 2020, through maps

A compilation of maps I’ve created at Office of the National Economic and Social Development Council of Thailand (NESDC) for enacted plans, speeches, and public forums during 2017 – present. Many of them were presented in Thai, please see English captions below the maps.

20-Year National Strategic Plan

20-Year Plan with other plans

Urban development’s common words among national plans: 20-Year National Strategic Plan, 12th National Economic and Social Development Plan, Province Cluster Development Plan, and Smart Cities Initiatives; speech given by NESDC Senior Advisor at ASA Real Estate Forum 2019 Smart & Innovative Cities for All

National Charter

Urban Trends

Thailand and Urbanization, (left) change of population 2008-2018 (center) change of housing 2008 – 2018 (right table) projected percent of urban population of Bangkok, its vicinity, Central, Eastern, Western, Northern, NE, and Southern Region respectively, according to Institute for Population and Social Research , Mahidol University;
speech given by NESDC Senior Advisor at Futurising Thailand Forum 2018
Thailand’s Primate City phenomenon, (left map) population size of the 30 biggest cities 2018, (upper right graph) population of the 10 biggest cities 2018 showing disproportionate population among Bangkok and the other cities, (bottom center graph) GPP/Capita Gini Coefficient 2016 showing inequality caused by the phenomenon, (bottom right graph) degree of primacy vs GDP per capita when compared to other countries showing Thailand’s severe degree of the phenomenon
Climate Change and its effect on Thailand, (left map) repeated flooded area 2005 – 2016 where red indicates more repeated flood areas, raw data from GISTDA (upper right table) according to German Watch, Thailand is the 10th most affected country from Climate Change in 2017 (lower right diagram) Climate Change Performance Index 2017 by German Watch, Thailand is in the 36th from 60 countries with capabilities to reduce effects of climate change

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