Land Suitability Analysis: Single Family Residential Development with Septic in Dane County, WI

A spatial analysis performed by ArcGIS to find the best sites for a new residential development in Town of Dane and Town of Vienna, Dane County, WI with weighted criteria of:

  • Slope – 0-3% slope is highly desirable, 3-6% is desirable, 6-10% is less desirable, >10% is restricted
  • Flood risk – No flood risk is highly desirable, rare & very rare is desirable, occasional is less desirable, frequent is restricted
  • Land use – vacant land is highly desirable, agricultural land is desirable, forest land is less desirable, other land use types are restricted

Different weights were given to the criteria by their priorities – slope 40%, flood risk 20%, and land use 20%.

The analyses are performed twice, by vector and raster layers, to compare the output numbers from the different types of calculations.


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